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What It's All About! Great Maui Rental Cars.

Our Maui rental cars are not brand new, but we do everything to make sure they're safe, reliable, clean, and very well maintained. When you rent from us, you'll drive a local-looking Maui rental car that blends into the scenery, so you don't stick out like a tourist. Plus with our low-cost Maui car rental rates it won't cost you an arm and a leg if you're planning to stay on Maui for a while - our rates get cheaper the longer you stay. We specialize in long-term rentals. Our long-term Maui car rental rates are better than any of the so-called discount rates on Maui. And our cars are better than any of the cheap car rentals or Maui cruisers. Frank's Friendly Cars Maui Car Rental LLC is not a big "corporate" business - it's a locally owned and operated Maui business where you deal with a real person who treats you like a real person. We first offered our service only to friends and family on Maui, and now it's grown to be offered to a wider circle. That's what it's all about!

Photo: Road to Hana, 26 miles of spectacular coastline.


Long Term Car Rentals for Maui

Are you looking to rent a car for an extended stay in Maui? You'll need a long-term car rental that is dependable and affordable. If you're staying for 30 days or longer, we offer monthly Maui car rental rates with discounts that get better and better the longer you stay. Rates depend on the time of year and duration. Even during high season, one of our long term Maui car rentals will save you a huge amount over the competition.

To help you manage your budget, for a multi-month Maui car rental, you are billed monthly, every thirty days, in equal increments. There may be an early return fee if you have to return the car unexpectedly before the end of your rental term.

Photo: Lahaina Harbor, Maui. 


Best Maui Car Rental.

The cars in our Maui car rental fleet are in excellent mechanical condition, safe, legal, registered, insured, clean, and very reliable. All have cold A/C - the A/C is so cold on some of our Maui rental cars that we have customers turning up the heat. Model years range from mid-2000's to early 2010's. A few dings and scratches add local color for Maui. If you play the part, in one of our Maui rental cars you could even pass yourself for a Maui local. Our Maui car rental fleet cars make it a breeze to get around anywhere Maui. More than just another cheap Maui car rental, you have a reliable, dependable Maui rental car with everything in working order, good tires, good brakes, windows that roll up and down, the works. What more could you ask for in a Maui car rental. 

Photo: Kamaole Beach, Kihei, Maui.



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j. mari Adad

28 June 2022

28 June


We come to Maui every year for two weeks, we normally rent from the regular airport rental outfits, this time We rented a minivan from Frank for 16 days. Price ...
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15 June 2022

15 June


Solid cars at very good prices.


What qualifies as a long term rental?

For Maui, we have great discount car rental rates starting at two weeks. Long term car rental rates for 30 days or longer are even better- the longer you rent a car with us on Maui, the more you save. The best rates are for three months and longer. 

Why is it so hard to find cars for rent in Maui?

The supply of cars for rent in Maui is limited. The only way to bring in more cars for rent is by cargo ship. During peak periods (Xmas, Spring Break) the demand for cars for rent in Maui exceeds the supply. Book in advance to find a car for rent. 

Where is your Maui car rental location?

We are in Kahului, at 400 Hana Highway, 1.1 miles from the Maui Airport (OGG) baggage claim, two city blocks from the very popular Maui tourist landmark, Costco. CALL FOR DIRECTIONS! THE SHOP IS NOT VISIBLE FROM THE STREET.

How do we pick up and drop off our Maui rental car?

Depending on your preference, we have several easy hassle-free options for you, that we can discuss when you make your Maui rental car reservation. 

Can we come take a look at the car you'll have for us next week? Next month? Next year?

At any given time, most of our Maui rental cars are out being driven around Maui by customers. It is unlikely that the specific rental car you rent from us in the future is available for you to look at and "kick the tires" in advance. 

What about Maui rentacar hidden fees?

As you may have found out already, many Maui car rental companies have hidden fees that are not disclosed up front. Not us. The rate we quote you on your Maui rental car is the total amount you pay for the rental, with all taxes and fees included. 

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