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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

The rental rate depends on the type of car, the duration of rental, and the time of year (high season vs. low season). Our basic economy car rate starts at $25/day with a 10-day minimum. This includes all taxes and fees. A SUV or mid-size car starts at $30/day. Rates are reduced on rentals of 30 days or longer. All rates are subject to availability. To find out how much your rental will cost call or email for a quote.

The price we give you includes all applicable taxes and fees. It's what you pay "out-the-door," or "all-in." To see how the cost breaks down for various taxes, fees, and insurance, and find out exactly what's included and not included, read our blog post on Maui Car Rental Taxes and Fees.

Call to make a reservation. We take reservations by phone. You can send a message to request info on availability and pricing, and after that, if you wish to proceed, you can call to reserve. We do not have an online reservation system. We do not take reservations by email or text message. The only way you can make a reservation is to call in person and talk to a live person. Click the phone icon on this site or dial 808-280-1196.

Here's what you need: (1) Valid driver license. (2) Current US or Canada liability insurance policy naming you as the principal insured. Sorry, no foreign country insurance or travel insurance. Credit card coverages do not qualify as liability insurance. (3) Valid credit card, or approved debit card. (4) Advance deposit. No deposit, no rental. (5) Minimum age requirement. (6) Minimum of 24-hour advance reservation. No walk-ins. (7) No disqualifying factors. This means, as a privately owned business, we have the right to determine who we serve or don't serve.

When you arrive to Maui, we bring the car to the Maui's Kahului Airport (OGG) in time for your arrival. We leave it there for you in the public parking lot. When you are ready, you walk from the terminal to the nearby parking lot, get in the car, and drive away. Usually there is a parking fee of a few dollars that you pay on the way out. When you leave Maui, you may return the car to the airport, but only if you request and receive authorization from us 24 hours in advance, either in person or by phone. Otherwise, without advance authorization, returns are to our location near the airport in Kahului. There is $500 fee for unauthorized airport return.

Our Maui rental cars are all covered by liability insurance, as required by law. With how the law works in Hawaii, this covers us, but not you. In Hawaii, your liability as the renter or driver is primary - this means you are first in line to pay for any damage or injury incurred while you operate the vehicle. We do not rent to anyone who is not covered by their own automobile liability insurance in the US or Canada.

If you have a US or Canada driver license and you own a motor vehicle then you have your own liability insurance that covers you when you rent a car and you don't have to pay even an extra penny for insurance. If you do not have your own insurance with coverage in the US, we do not rent you a car. So either way, it costs you nothing.

We take payment by credit card, Visa or Mastercard. Sorry, no American Express. Debit cards require approval and a deposit. We do not take cash, checks, gift cards, or trades.

There is a $100 deposit to hold a car. The deposit is non-refundable. You pay the balance (total amount of rental minus the deposit) when you pick up the car. In case of a long term rental more than thirty days, we arrange a payment plan. All payments are by credit card, Visa or Mastercard. Sorry, no American Express.

For detailed information and maps on this topic, read our blog post on Maui's Road to Hana . You can drive the world-renowned scenic road to Hana all the way up the North Shore of Maui from Kahului to Hana. You can go past Hana all the way to the world-famous Seven Sacred Pools in Kipahulu. At this point you must turn around and come back the way you came. If you continue past Kipahulu to Kaupo and Ulupalakua Ranch, or come the other way from Kula on this road, we will charge you $1,000. Our cars have GPS trackers.

Our cars will not have any problem making it up from sea level to the 10,000-foot summit. But whether you make it back down without a problem is entirely up to you. If you maintain continual brake pressure all the way down, you will fry the brakes and in some cases they may even catch fire. To get down safely, you must shift into a lower gear and use engine braking to slow down the car without relying entirely on the brakes. Yes you can select lower gears with an automatic.

Roadside assistance is NOT included in the low price you pay for your rental car. And, to keep our costs low, we do not have the staffing or equipment for roadside service. Instead, we focus on maintenance and repair procedures and policies that function preventatively to minimize the need for roadside service, by eliminating vehicle issues that can result in a breakdown. We suggest that you carry a AAA membership or sign up for a similar benefit from your credit card or insurance company to cover you for roadside assistance, in the unlikely event that the need should arise. 

Simply put, our cars don't break down. But we suggest that you carry AAA coverage in case you have an issue like a flat tire - as anyone can tell you, very very common on Maui - or you get yourself in an accident, or you lock yourself out.

Due to the prevalence of debris and waste materials - nails, screws, metal shards - dropping from construction crew work trucks, flat tires are very common in Maui. Our rental agreement specifies that flat tires due to road hazards are the responsibility of the renter. Every car we rent has tires that exceed substantially the minimum tread requirements for safe operation. The tires are inspected regularly and replaced when the date of manufacture exceeds the DOT specification, regardless of tread condition. Every car is equipped with a spare tire in compliance with DOT manufacture date. Inflation pressure of the spare tire is checked regularly. Every car is equipped with a jack and tire removal tools. If you get a flat tire, we ask that you install the spare and bring the damaged tire to our rental location. We will determine whether the tire is repairable or requires replacement. In case that a replacement tire is not immediately available, we may switch you to another vehicle until the replacement can be made. In case that you are not capable of changing a tire on your own, we suggest that you have personal roadside assistance coverage either with AAA, or your insurance company, or another provider. If you do not have such coverage, you can call a tow truck company to assist you with the replacement at your own expense. We do not provide roadside assistance for flat tires.

We are in Kahului, at 400 Hana Highway, 1.1 miles from the Maui Airport (OGG) baggage claim, two city blocks from the very popular Maui tourist landmark, Costco. For more details, click the link for our Maui Car Rental Location. CALL FOR DIRECTIONS! THE SHOP IS NOT VISIBLE FROM THE STREET.

Click for a clear breakdown of what's included, and what's not included in the price. . As you may have found out already, many Maui car rental companies have hidden fees that are not disclosed up front. Not us. The rate we quote you on your Maui rental car is the total amount you pay for the rental, with all taxes and fees included. You pay for gas.

For Maui, we have great discount car rental rates starting at two weeks. Long term car rental rates for 30 days or longer are even better- the longer you rent a car with us on Maui, the more you save. The best rates are for three months and longer. Click to read more about our long term rentals.  

No, absolutely not, you may not make a reservation for someone else, regardless of their relation to you. Anyone wishing to rent a car from us must make their own reservation and meet our eligibility requirements for rental. No substitution of renter or authorized driver is allowed.

We accept payment by credit card only, Visa, Mastercard, or Discover issued by a major financial institution. At our discretion, we may accept payment by debit card, if conditions for approval are met. We do not trade or barter, and we do not accept gift cards as payment.

The supply of cars for rent in Maui is limited. The only way to bring in more cars for rent is by cargo ship. During peak periods (Xmas, Spring Break) the demand for cars for rent in Maui exceeds the supply. Book in advance to find a car for rent. Outside of peak travel times, the rental car market in Maui is not much different than anywhere else. Read more about it in our blog post on Maui car rental rates.  

At any given time, most of our Maui rental cars are out being driven around Maui by customers. It is unlikely that the specific rental car you rent from us in the future is available for you to look at and "kick the tires" in advance.

With how bad the rentacar situation is on other islands, and the exorbitant rates you have to pay on Hawaii (Big Island), Molokai, Lanai, or Kauai, we probably should, but we don't. Maui's homegrown local car rental market is unique among the islands. Its origins date back to the 1980's when a few enterprising businesses began to offer inexpensive long term rentals to ocean sport enthusiasts who spent weeks at a time on the island and truly did not need anything fancy - one of the first to do so was a surf shop.

As a matter of fact, our minimum age for rental is 35 years old. We have adopted this unique policy for the sake of risk management and to keep our Maui car rental rates as low as possible.

In this situation, the damage to our rental car is not your fault, however it is your responsibility to pay for the repair. Your collision and comprehensive coverage on your personal automobile should cover it. Anytime you are involved in an incident, no matter how benign, call Maui Police Department for a police report and insist the other driver(s) stay at the scene.

Asks the gentleman with a Brooklyn accent and a New York phone area code (808 is onto you, 916). Maybe he's just asking for a a friend? Answer: we offer the same low rates to everyone. Movie trivia quiz question: "What award-winning 90's movie is this quote based on: 'The first rule of Kama'aina is never talk about Kama'aina.'" See our blog post about Kama'aina Discounts and Maui Car Rentals.

We ask for a $100 deposit when you make your Maui car rental reservation. This guarantees you a car. Your reservation is not confirmed if you have not paid the deposit. The balance of the total or the balance of the first 30 days of your rental is paid when you pick up the car.

Sorry, but the $100 deposit is non-refundable.

That's for us to know, and you to ponder. Next you'll be asking "is there really a Santa Claus."

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to set you straight on this one. Like it says, the company name is "Frank's Friendly Cars." This means that our Maui rental cars are friendly - but it does not say anything about Frank. Let's say the name were, for example, "Frank's Green Cars." If it were so, would anyone be asking whether Frank is green? Would anyone call asking for "Green Frank?" No, of course not. Rest assured that our Maui rentacars are the friendliest around. And, like anyone else, Frank always has been, and always will be, friendly to his friends - to others, maybe not so much.

Who says we don't? You can find us on Facebook , Instagram, and X ( formerly Twitter) . Click the links at the bottom of this site.

Officially, our minimum duration for rental is two weeks - that's 14 days. We may be able to squeeze you in for a little bit less than that in some situations. Operationally, we are not able to support shorter rentals.

The maximum number that any of our vehicles can seat, including the driver, is five for a passenger or SUV, or seven for a minivan.

Sorry, no, but U-HAUL in Kahului and Surf Truck in Wailuku offer reasonable options on moving trucks and vans.

Let's see, Sneezy, Sleepy, Happy, Grumpy, Bashful, Doc, and Dopey. See how I did that? This is called a memory palace.

Sloth, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Anger, Pride, and Envy. See how easy it is to remember anything, if you go about it the right way. I remember every car I've ever worked on, and every customer I've ever served.

Enough already. Ask Google. 

From time to time, they can all have issues.

On one of our rental cars, we can fix any issues quickly and easily. 

That's our company tagline. Read more about it here .


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