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What's With Your Slogan "Better Cars. Better Rates.™"

It should come as a surprise to no one, in fact it should be clear as day to anyone who has looked into this, that the corporate philosophy of most rentacar companies, whether operating in Maui or elsewhere, is "Screw the Customer." Before starting our own Maui car rental company, we'd been on the receiving end of this philosophy many times. With our own Maui rentacar, we wanted to do something different in spirit. But we did not want to fall into the platitudes of cultural appropriation as they relate to Aloha this and Aloha that and Pono and Ohana and.... let's stop right there. So we went back to our own roots in analytical theory where, seriously, there is no concept that speaks more powerfully to us than Kaizen or the philosophy of continuous improvement. You might think that with "Better Cars. Better Rates™" we are comparing our Maui car rental company to our Maui car rental competitors, and maybe there is a small grain of truth in that, but it means so much more. "Better Cars. Better Rates™" really means that we continuously strive to make everything we do with our Maui rental cars better and better, all the time. Over time our cars become better and better, our operational efficiencies become better and better, and as a result the value that we offer to our Maui car rental customers become better and better too. Kai-zen is the Japanese word that signifies this philosophy of continuous improvement. Like a 14-foot tiger shark in the waters off Maui, a car rental company has to move forward continuously, or it dies. 

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