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Maui Car Rental Location: Nearest to OGG

Our Maui car rental location is about as close to the Maui's Kahului Airport OGG as you can get. We are just 1.1 miles from the OGG airport baggage claim terminal. We're also two blocks from the familiar Maui landmark Costco, which should be in contention for "Most Popular Tourist Destination in Maui!" 

From Kahului Airport (OGG), we offer free 24/7 airport pickup and drop-off with advance reservations. Or if you prefer, you can take a quick Uber ride from the airport to our Maui car rental location. The fare for this rides varies around $8-$9 at non-peak times. 

WE ARE A REAL MAUI CAR RENTAL BUSINESS WITH A REAL BRICK AND MORTAR LOCATION AND FACILITIES. We have been in business renting cars since 2006. We rent our own company-registered vehicles and we conduct our own operations from our own facilities with our own staff for every aspect of our business. We are not a fly-by-night opportunistic flim flam sham "virtual" business operated out of someone's back yard using someone else's "virtual operation model" that's here today and gone tomorrow, leaving you "virtually" stranded. 

Our facility is in a decaying covered industrial bay that dates back to the 1960's. It's a miracle it is still standing and it is probably worthy of being condemned, but it offers us relatively cheap rent right in the middle of Maui's totally hyper-inflated commercial real estate. Being that we're right in the middle of one of Maui's highest crime rate areas, we have security cameras out the wazoo covering every square inch of our facility and overlapping with the neighboring business security cameras. 

OUR FACILITIES INCLUDE: an office trailer, a fully equipped auto repair shop with a two-post lift and a scissor lift, storage sheds for tools and equipment, and we also have a fenced secure lot (called a "yard" although it is paved and there is no gardening of any kind that takes place there) with enough space to store our rental vehicles in between rentals. 

Things we do NOT have: We do not have a public restroom, we do not have comfortable air conditioned waiting area, we do not have off-street parking, and we do not have redundant employees spending all day behind a desk or counter doing nothing most of the time (when they are not busy checking their social media) and costing you money on your rental. 

Note: Our Maui car rental facility is not visible from the street. We share the same address as 32 other businesses. It's the same address for the entire block, which is a large city block. There are no visible building numbers or unit numbers. Employees at other businesses on the other side of the block may have never heard of our business - so if you stop and ask for directions they will send you on a wild goose chase. 

If you need to come to our facility, we ask you to call in advance to make an appointment and get directions. One of two things will happen if you try to show up unannounced: A. You will not find it, and you will get lost in the maze of confusing streets that is the Kahului industrial district. Or B. In the unlikely event that you do find it (and even people who have been to our location before often have trouble finding it again a second time), then you will show up and nobody will be there because we are out performing other tasks like washing cars at the self-service carwash, picking up or dropping off customers, shopping for parts or service items, and so on - or just plain out to lunch if you happen to show up at lunchtime. 


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