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9 Maui Car Rental Vehicle Options - With 3 Reasons To Go With Each

We've got the cream of the crop when it comes to car rentals in Maui. Whether you're on a family adventure or a romantic getaway, we've got wheels for every need. Heads up: prices vary by location and company, so shop around!

There are vehicle options galore, here's the run-down of nine different vehicle types for you to choose from. 


Small but mighty, these trusty steeds will get you where you need to go without breaking the bank.

Affordable Rates: Keep your wallet happy and your vacation full of fun with these budget-friendly options. Save your cash for luaus and those irresistible shave ices!
Great Gas Mileage: Spend more time exploring and less time at the pump. These cars sip fuel so gently you'll think they're on a diet.
Ideal for Solo Travelers or Couples: Perfect for two lovebirds or a solo explorer, these compact cars fit snugly into tight parking spots and zip around the island with ease.
Options: Kia Rio, Chevy Spark, Mitsubishi MIrage. 


Whether you’re a solo adventurer or have a whole crew, these Jeeps are ready for anything Maui throws at you.

Four-Wheel Drive: Ready to conquer Maui’s rugged trails? These beasts will get you to those off-the-beaten-path spots with ease, laughing in the face of rough terrain.
Elevated Clearance: Say goodbye to scraping the bottom of your ride. These vehicles can handle rocks, bumps, and uneven paths like a champ.
Perfect for Exploring Off-Road Locations: If secret beaches and hidden hiking trails are on your itinerary, these vehicles will make sure you get there safely and stylishly.
Options: Jeep Wrangler Sport (2-door), Rubicon, Sahara, Limited


Feel the power and embrace the cool factor. These convertibles turn heads and make every journey memorable.

Enjoy the Sunny Weather: Let the sun kiss your face and the wind tousle your hair. Convertibles are perfect for soaking up that Hawaiian sunshine.
Ideal for Scenic Drives: The Road to Hana never looked so good. With the top down, every drive becomes an unforgettable experience.
Perfect for Couples or Small Groups: Cozy up with your special someone or share the fun with a few friends. Either way, you're in for a stylish ride.
Options: Ford Mustang or Chevy Camaro


Be a movie star! All you're missing is a chauffeur. Roll around Maui in style and let eveyrone know that you're up for enjoying the finer things in life.

Comfortable and Spacious: Travel like royalty with plush seating and plenty of legroom. Your road trip just got a serious upgrade.
High-End Features: From advanced navigation to premium sound systems, these cars have all the bells and whistles to make your ride smooth and luxurious.
Chrysler 300, BMW 3 Series. 


Go green and experience the future of driving today - so long as you can make it between charging stations. 

Eco-Friendly: Save the planet one mile at a time. These green machines are perfect for the eco-conscious traveler.
Low Emissions: Feel good about your carbon footprint while enjoying the island’s beauty. It’s a win-win for you and Mother Earth.
Ideal for Environmentally-Conscious Travelers: Make a positive impact with every drive. These cars are as kind to the environment as they are to your conscience.
Options: Tesla Model 3, Chevy Bolt. 

6. SUVs

America's favorite ride (after trucks maybe). Find the perfect fit for your group and hit the road in style. Does anyone even remember that SUV stands for Sport Utility Vehicle? Who cares. 

Spacious Interior: Bring the whole gang along! These roomy rides have space for everyone and everything, from family members to beach gear.
High Ground Clearance: Navigate Maui’s diverse terrain without a hitch. Whether it’s a mountain trail or a sandy beach, these SUVs can handle it.
Ideal for Large Families or Groups: No one gets left behind. These vehicles have plenty of seating and storage for all your adventures.
Options: Toyota RAV4, Hyundai Santa Fe, Ford Edge, Chevy Tahoe, and many more.


Tough, reliable, and ready for anything, this truck is the ultimate companion for your Maui adventure.

Perfect for Hauling Gear: Got a lot of stuff? No problem. These trucks can carry all your gear, whether it’s surfboards, camping equipment, or moving items.
Ideal for Outdoor Enthusiasts: Ready for any adventure, these rugged trucks are built to handle the great outdoors and all your activities.
Great for Moving Large Items: Practical and powerful, these trucks are perfect for those who need to transport big items without breaking a sweat.
Options: Ford F-150, Ram 1500. 


Not just for soccer-moms anymore! Practical and reliable, these minivans are ideal for keeping the whole family happy on the road.

Family-Friendly: Perfect for those family vacations where the kids need space to stretch and everyone needs their own cup holder.
Ample Storage Space: With plenty of room for all your luggage, beach gear, and maybe even a surfboard or two, you won’t have to leave anything behind.
Comfortable Seating: These vans offer plush, spacious seating so everyone can ride in comfort, no matter how long the journey.
Options: Chrysler Pacifica, Nissan Quest 


For when you just have to be all together, all the time. These versatile vans provide comfort and convenience for large groups, making every trip enjoyable.

Perfect for Large Groups: Whether it's a big family reunion, a team outing, a church group, a school group, or just a group of close friends on a grand adventure, these vans can accommodate everyone.
Spacious Interior: Plenty of legroom and seating for up to 15 passengers, so everyone can travel together without feeling cramped.
Ideal for Group Outings: With room for all your gear and everyone’s beach essentials, these vans make group travel a breeze.
Options: Ford Transit, Chevrolet Express. 


Check out rates in Maui and snag your dream ride today! Whether you're chasing waterfalls, seeking out secret beaches, or just soaking up the sun, we've got the perfect set of wheels waiting for you. Let the adventure begin!

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