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Not Just Another Cheap Car Rental in Maui!

Not just another cheap car rental on Maui! Do we have the cheapest rental cars in Maui? Maybe, maybe not, because rates change all the time. Our Maui car rental rates are unbelievably cheap! Is it too good to be true? If you're looking for a Maui cheap car rental, you've come to the right place. How do we keep our Maui car rental rates so cheap? We keep our expenses low, so we can pass the savings along to you. Our overhead is low. We prefer to invest in our cars. Our cheap Maui rental cars are not brand new. We buy cheap used cars in need of repair and we whip them back into shape so they are safe, clean, reliable, legal, registered, and insured. We do not have a huge over-paid rentacar staff sitting around doing nothing and getting paid for it. Our cheap long-term Maui rental rates are better than any of the rates you get through the online discount car rentals. We do everything we can to earn our reputation for offering a better deal than any car rental company on Maui. We may or may not have the cheapest rental cars in Maui, but one thing we're sure of is we have the best Maui rental cars for the money. 


Face it, Maui is expensive. The price of everything has shot up in the post-pandemic years. Island-wide surveys show that the cost of accommodations is up 30% or more compared to 2019 - this is even though occupancy rates have still not recovered fully. And the rates for Maui car rentals have doubled or tripled or gone up even more, reaching never-before-seen astronomical highs in the post-pandemic re-opening rush, when there was a severe shortage of rental cars in Maui. The funny thing is, although the supply squeeze has eased, with Maui rental car fleet levels back to normal levels, rates have not really come down all that much.

Looking to save money on their trip, visitors may look for the absolute cheapest Maui rental car. After all, it's just a car, right? But the rental car is one item where spending just a little bit more - say just a few dollars per day more, or about what it costs for a cup of coffee - can get you a lot more value than you get with the absolute cheapest Maui car rental.



The cheapest Maui rental car is not always the best value. Watch out for Maui rental car operators who have no established place of business (or worse yet, a fictional address), no website, and no established track record. Is the business registered with the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs? This is one of the things that makes the difference between a cheap Maui car rental from a legitimate business versus a sub-par offering from a fly-by-night operator that's here today and gone tomorrow - taking your money with it. 

Our business, Frank's Friendly Cars Maui Car Rental LLC, has been operating since 2006, and is registered and in good standing - and here's a direct link to the registration record .

Make an informed decision! Look beyond the price tag and check out the overall features and quality of the Maui car rental you're about to book for your trip. Cheap is good in most cases, but the cheapest Maui car rental is not likely to be the best value. This is especially true in Maui, where "entrepreneurs" of all stripes can leap into the car rental market looking to make a quick buck. Now that apps like Turo have practically eliminated barriers to entry, there is nothing keeping the most unqualified and most unprincipled operators from taking advantage of unsuspecting travelers - it's just like the days where Uber allowed criminals as drivers. They're here today, and gone tomorrow, leaving you hanging. Your decision on a cheap Maui car rental should not be based on price alone.

Vehicle Descriptions: All vehicles are automatic transmission, cold a/c, am/fm/cd-player, some with AUX/USB/Bluetooth input (for iPod). Many of our Maui car rental hatchbacks and SUVs come with hard roof racks suitable for surfboards/sailboards/SUP/kayak/canoe. No racks on 4-door sedans.


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