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Maui Car Rental Rates Collapse in May 2024

May 5, 2024 - This week, Maui car rental rates are the cheapest they've been since the weeks following right after the Lahaina wildfire. 

In stock market terms, what we are seeing this week is called a "capitulation."

At these extremely low levels, rental car companies are operating at a loss, with only cash flow in mind.Vehicle holding areas are bursting full of cars, and operators are desperate for customers to take their cars out on the road, at any price, because otherwise there will be no place to put them.

Fortunately some relief - albeit very short-lived - is on the way for Maui's rentacar companies, in the form of the Memorial Day holiday, that will give rates a quick bump upward. See our recent blog post for more info on how Maui car rental rates vary throughout the year,  


This week's lowest advertised rate for a one-week rental, beginning Monday, May 6, from Maui's Kahului Airport (OGG):
Off-airport (with shuttle) $150.06 (down $37)
Airport Rentacar Center: $224.26 (down $53)
Source: Rentalcars.com

Happy Cinqo De Mayo! 

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