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Maui Rental Cars and Rates

Regular SUV - Used

Ample cargo space, higher seating position, spacious interior, higher ground clearance. Toyota Highlander, Lexus RX300.


1. Ample Cargo Space: 

Our SUVs offer generous cargo space, making them ideal for families or groups and all their luggage or gear - including golf clubs, beach chairs, coolers, and more.

2. Higher Seating Position: 

You'll get better visibility of your surroundings, and, for those of you with bad backs or bad knees or just plain old, stiff and tired, you'll find it easier to get in and out of the car!

3. Comfortable, Spacious Interior: 

Great for longer drives around the island. Enough leg-room and head-room even for taller people. Not to mention, elbow room for that gaggle of kids in the back.

4. Higher Ground Clearance

You don't have to go off-road to appreciate this. Our Maui roads and parking lots are littered with all kinds of debris and obstacles that can easily get caught up in the underside of a car and potentially cause a problem. You aren't safe from this anywhere. One of our economy car customers ripped the ac condenser and radiator right off the front of his Honda Civic right in a shopping center parking lot in Kihei. Of course he was on the hook for the complete cost of repair. Sorry, that's just the way the cookie crumbles in those situations. You break it, you buy it! But, you can be up above it in a SUV. And with an SUV for your Maui car rental, you'll clear the potholes and ruts on the access road to your isolated country AirBnB in outer Haiku, that would swallow up an economy car whole. Officially we prohibit you from driving on any road that is not paved and maintained by the County of Maui, but, we can't be with you looking over your shoulder every moment that you're driving to keep you from straying from the straight and narrow path that you should stay on. It does cost more to rent an SUV, in Maui as it does anywhere else, but peace of mind is worth something, eh? Let your better angels have the best of you on this one.


MINIMUM RENTAL is 10 days.

IMPORTANT: Maui car rental rates are seasonal and may vary by date and duration of rental. For your desired rental dates, rates may be HIGHER or LOWER than shown here. Contact us by email or phone for up-to-date rates and availability. Whether it's a short term rental or a long term Maui car rental that you're looking for, we have some of the best rates for Maui car rental.

Questions on how to make a reservation, how to pay, how to pick up the car, and more... Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's). 

STARTING AT: $50/day. Our most popular rental car category. Regular SUV's have enough room for up to five with luggage. Minivans and SUV's with third row seating have room for up to seven people (including driver). SUV's include Toyota Highlander, Toyota RAV4, Lexus RX300. For mini-vans, Toyota Sienna.

These vehicles may be available for long term car rental at a lower rate. Inquire.

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