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Maui Rental Cars and Rates

Mini-van - Used

Great for families with kids, ocean enthusiasts with boards. Seat up to 7, fit 8' boards. Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey.


Among the automotive atrocities perpetrated in the name of progress, the mini-van ranks second to none. Why would anyone want to drive a repulsive vehicle of this kind? We simply don't know. The fact is that people ask for them, so we offer them for rent. If it is what you want, we do not judge you. It's your business. With that said, there can be some perceived benefits - note how we qualify them as "perceived" only - for renting a minivan.


1. Seating Capacity

Our mini-vans can seat seven (driver included) with all the seats up. In this configuration, you'll sacrifice some cargo capacity, but you can't have everything. Seven (7) is the maximum seating capacity of any of our minivans. For larger numbers, you don't want a minivan, you want a school bus. Sorry, we do not have any school buses for rent.

2. Cargo Capacity

With the rear seats out, our Maui car rental minivans can easily transport surfboards, paddleboards, and other watercraft, as long as the length does not exceed eight (8) feet. With our minivans it's also easy to throw in bikes, beach chairs and coolers, parasols, and other beach gear. And, if you're remodeling or moving, you can fit in appliances, construction materials, furniture, and other over-sized items.

3. Car Camping. 

Looking to save money on your trip to Maui by sleeping in your rental minivan? Sorry, we have bad news for you. FOR SAFETY AND LIABILITY REASONS, WE STRICTLY PROHIBIT CAR CAMPING IN ANY OF OUR VEHICLES. Please don't even think about it. Just move along to somewhere else. We respect your absolute right to do anything you want - just don't do it with one of our Maui rental cars.

4. Come pre-dented - no penalty for dents and scratches

These vehicles are too unwieldy for any reasonably sized parking spot. It is guaranteed that you will scuff the corners and sides pulling in and out of your criminally under-sized condo or resort parking spot. We simply don't care any more. We give you the mini-van pre-dented and pre-scuffed. You are under no obligation to add more dents, scratches, and scuffs to the sides and corners, but if you do, we do not penalize you. There is no point in punishing you for what simply comes natural to every mini-van rental customer on the planet, whether on Maui, or elsewhere. Go ahead, add a dent or two, it's on us! This is the true spirit of Maui rental car Aloha! This policy applies only to our Maui rental car fleet mini-vans. For every other vehicle, we hold you strictly accountable for dents, scratches, scuffs, and other damage.


MINIMUM RENTAL is 10 days.

These vehicles may be available for long term Maui car rental at a lower rate. Inquire.

IMPORTANT: Maui car rental rates are seasonal and may vary by date and duration of rental. For your desired rental dates, rates may be HIGHER or LOWER than shown here. Contact us by email or phone for up-to-date rates and availability. Whether it's a short term rental or a long term Maui car rental that you're looking for, we have some of the best rates for Maui car rental.

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