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Full-size SUV - Used

King of the road, commanding presence, confidence, prestige, luxury, and assertive style.


New for 2022! You'll feel like the king of the road when you are driving one of these monsters. They literally dwarf our previous largest offering, the Toyota Highlander (see photo for comparison). Travel in comfort and style, with enough room for as many people and as much stuff as you need. These rigs burn gas like there is no tomorrow, and with the hike in gas prices, it will cost you a fortune to get anywhere, but who cares, you only live once, enjoy it! Jam-packed with luxury features, navigation, bluetooth, backup camera, DVD player, and more. Book early, these sell out well in advance.


1. Full-size SUV state of mind

Driving a full-sized SUV in Maui isn't just about any practical benefits; it's mostly about the psychological and emotional aspects that enhance your overall experience. It can provide a sense of confidence, adventure, and luxury, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the island beauty and wonder of Maui.

2. Commanding Presence: 

Full-sized SUVs have a robust and commanding appearance on the road. This presence can give you a feeling of authority and prestige, enhancing your overall driving experience. It's not just a mode of transportation; it's a statement of capability and style. Haleakala Summit, here we come. Everyone, out of the way!

3. Sense of Confidence: 

Sitting in a full-sized SUV gives a sense of confidence and control. It's no secret that in a collision, the heavier vehicle always wins. In one of these multi-ton behemoths, you will cream any smaller sized vehicle that dares to tangle with you. Be the Terminator, and let everyone else know it.

4. Luxury and Prestige: 

You're loaded bursting full with dough and you want everyone to know that you don't give a flying pah-too-tah about those $200 fill-ups at the pump. Go ahead and top it off with more expensive high-octane for more effect. You're a high roller - literally and figuratively. Let it show! Drive an out-size car that matches your out-size sense of yourself; it's a symbol of indulgence. Indulge!

5. Personal Expression: 

A full-sized SUV is like the snakeskin leather jacket that Nicholas Cage wore in Wild at Heart. It was an expression of his personal freedom and individuality. Show off your personal style and preferences. Make a statement! It's an extension of your personality. Don't let anyone mistake you for a little man - er, little person.

6. Virtue Signaling

In your heart of hearts, whether by discernment, by intuition, or by revelation, you know for sure that climate change is a hoax and that carbon emissions have nothing to do with extreme weather events proliferating everywhere. These cars are a raised middle finger to anyone who thinks otherwise. Let everyone know what team you're on - the winning team.

7. This is a test:

This page was place on our Maui car rental website just to see whether anybody other than the search bots is paying any attention. If you've read this far, please contact us, there is a special prize waiting for you. 


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