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Maui Rental Cars and Rates

Economy Car - Used

Cheapest, best on gas, easiest to park, great for 1, 2, or 3. Corolla, Civic, Mazda 3, Impreza, or similar car.


1. It's our cheapest Maui car rental option:

Traveling can be expensive, but an economy car is the smart way to keep your expenses in check. Save your budget for adventures like snorkeling, luaus, and exploring local cuisine. You'll get the freedom and convenience of a car without breaking the bank.

2. Fuel Efficient!

The price of gas in Maui is higher than most locations in the Mainland US. Our economy cars have smaller engines that consume less fuel. With an economy rental car, you'll enjoy excellent fuel efficiency, and you won't have to be constantly worrying about refueling. Spend more time exploring and less time at the pump!

3. Easy Parking:

Maui is well known for its natural beauty, but it's also well known for its ridiculously small parking spots. At some condos and resorts the parking stalls are so small that it's difficult to open the doors and get in and out of the car! An economy car's compact size makes it easier to park in tight spaces. Don't stress about fitting into those smaller parking spots.

4. Versatility for Solo Travelers and Couples:

If you're traveling alone or with a partner, an economy car typically offers ample space for your needs without the extra size and cost associated with larger vehicle options.


MINIMUM RENTAL is 10 days.

IMPORTANT: Maui car rental rates are seasonal and may vary by date and duration of rental. For your desired rental dates, rates may be HIGHER or LOWER than the rate shown here. Contact us by email or phone for up-to-date rates and availability. Whether it's a short term rental or a long term car rental that you're looking for, we have some of the best rates for Maui car rental.

Questions on how to make a reservation, how to pay, how to pick up the car, and more... Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's). 

STARTING AT: $30/day. Practical and economical compact or intermediate-sized Maui rental cars, with enough room for two or three people and their luggage. Typical Toyota Corolla or Matrix, Pontiac Vibe, Honda Civic, Subaru Impreza. All our cars have cold a/c, automatic transmission, radio/cd player.

These vehicles may be available for long term car rental at a lower rate. Inquire.

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