Mid-size Cars

Mid-size Cars


STARTING AT: $300/week. Roomier, comfier, four-door sedans ideal for three to four people. Typical Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Kia Optima.


Comfort and Space: Our mid-size cars provide more interior space and passenger comfort compared to economy cars. If you have a family or group of friends traveling with you, everyone will have more room to stretch out during longer drives.

Colder AC: Maui is a tropical island and the climate here is warm and humid for most of the year. (If you were looking for a cool dry climate for your vacation getaway, you might want to think about a different destination). While all of our Maui rental cars offer cold AC, it's just a fact that mid-size cars have more effective and colder air conditioning than what you get in an economy car. The ac on these cars is so cold - how cold really is it - that customers often turn it down to an intermediate setting so it's not too cold for comfort. 

Great for taller people. More head-room, more leg-room, you won't feel scrunched up like a pretzel as you drive around Maui. 

Smooth Ride: Like most mid-size cars, ours have a smoother and more stable ride compared to smaller economy cars. Maui does have some terrible roads where you'll enjoy the nicer suspension that comes in a mid-size car. 

Luggage Capacity: Our Maui car rental mid-size cars have larger trunks compared to economy cars, which means you'll have more space for luggage, beach gear, and other belongings - like golf clubs.

Performance. With larger engines than economy cars, mid-size cars have more performance and acceleration on tap for when you need it. 

Fuel Efficient: While they are not be as fuel-efficient as economy cars, our Maui car rental mid-size cars still offer good gas mileage, making them a reasonable compromise between space and efficiency. You can enjoy the advantages of a larger car without sacrificing too much on fuel economy.


Maui car rental rates are seasonal and may vary by date and duration of rental. For your desired rental dates, rates may be HIGHER or LOWER than shown here. Contact us for up-to-date rates and availability.


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