What's The Deal With Your New Website?

What's The Deal With Your New Website?

For years, it was a point of pride for us that our website was a complete dog, but one that performed admirably and answered every wish of its master's voice. The website reflected the quirky personality of the company and it appealed to just the right Maui car rental customer demographic. Alas, with the evolution of web technology, the website gradually sank into obsolescence. For a business that relies on new customer acquisition to supplement its very high volume of return Maui car rental business, an obsolete website, no matter its charming quirks, became unacceptable. So now we have pushed forward resolutely into the roaring 20's of this century with a website loaded with some of the newest features and capabilities that you can buy for little or no money - because that's all we've got. For our returning customers - some of you have complained very vocally that you miss the old website - we make a pledge that, behind the new facade, we continue to be the same dogs (and cats) that we've always been. Every word of this website was written by Frank, and every image on this website was taken (or stolen) by Frank, and every page was laid out by Frank, in part done to prove to everyone that he is capable of learning new tricks, and in part because every website consultant we dealt with before backing ourselves into this project was greener and less capable than a wet-behind-the-ears schoolmarm. Blackie, Scruffy, Baby, Spot, Tiger, Popsy, Mummy, and Fuzzy took turns sitting in on the project, providing inspiration and relief. For our new Maui car rental customers, who may have been drawn in by the new bells and whistles, our sincerest apologies if at any point you feel that you've been fooled again, be it by a pair of dogs behind a computer screen, or by an eccentric old man and his cats. Meet the new website, same as the old website. 

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