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Better Cars. Better Rates.™

Locally owned and operated Maui business.
Established 2006.
Licensed, insured, legitimate.
Reliable, safe, affordable used rental cars.
Location near Maui's Kahului Airport (OGG)
Real business. Real shop. Real people.
Thousands of customers served.
Hundreds of positive reviews from satisfied customers.
Long-term discounts. Inquire.
Senior discounts. Inquire.
Full-time master mechanic on staff.
Not a car-sharing side gig.
Every dollar you spend with us goes right in to the Maui economy.
24/7 availability.
Contactless pick-up and return options.
Visa and Mastercard credit and debit accepted.
We value truth, competence, and fairness.
The best value on a Maui car rental.
No hidden fees.
Easy online booking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Call or email for more info

Call or email for more info

How much does it cost to rent one of your cars?

The rental rate depends on the type of car, the duration of rental, and the time of year (high season vs. low season). Our basic economy car rate starts at $25/day with a 10-day minimum. This includes all taxes and fees. A SUV or mid-size car starts at $30/day. Rates are reduced on rentals of 30 days or longer. All rates are subject to availability. To find out how much your rental will cost call or email for a quote. More FAQ's... 

What's included in the rental price?

The price we give you includes all applicable taxes and fees. It's what you pay "out-the-door," or "all-in." Our blog post on Maui Car Rental Taxes and Fees breaks down the cost for various taxes, fees, and insurance, and lists exactly what's included and not included, read. More FAQ's...

How do we make a reservation for one of your Maui rental cars?

Call to make a reservation. We take reservations by phone. You can send a message to request info on availability and pricing, and after that, if you wish to proceed, you can call to reserve. We do not have an online reservation system. We do not take reservations by email or text message. The only way you can make a reservation is to call in person and talk to a live person. Click the phone icon on this site or dial 808-280-1196. More FAQ's...

What is required for renting a car?

Here's what you need: (1) Valid driver license. (2) Current US or Canada liability insurance policy naming you as the principal insured. Sorry, no foreign country insurance or travel insurance. Credit card coverages do not qualify as liability insurance. (3) Valid credit card, or approved debit card. (4) Advance deposit. No deposit, no rental. (5) Minimum age requirement. (6) Minimum of 24-hour advance reservation. No walk-ins. (7) No disqualifying factors. This means, as a privately owned business, we reserve the right to determine eligibility. More FAQ's...

How do we pick up and drop off our Maui rental car?

When you arrive to Maui, we bring the car to the Maui's Kahului Airport (OGG) in time for your arrival. We leave it there for you in the public parking lot. When you are ready, you walk from the terminal to the nearby parking lot, get in the car, and drive away. Usually there is a parking fee of a few dollars that you pay on the way out. When you leave Maui, you may return the car to the airport, but only if you request and receive authorization from us 24 hours in advance, either in person or by phone. Otherwise, without advance authorization, returns are to our location near the airport in Kahului. There is $500 fee for unauthorized airport return. More FAQ's...

What about insurance?

Our Maui rental cars are all covered by liability insurance, as required by law. With how the law works in Hawaii, this covers us, but not you. In Hawaii, your liability as the renter or driver is primary - this means you are first in line to pay for any damage or injury incurred while you operate the vehicle. We do not rent to anyone who is not covered by their own automobile liability insurance in the US or Canada. More FAQ's...

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