Not Just Another Cheap Car Rental in Maui!

Not just another cheap car rental on Maui! Do we have the cheapest rental cars in Maui? Maybe, maybe not, because rates change all the time. Our Maui car rental rates are unbelievably cheap! Is it too good to be true? If you're looking for a Maui cheap car rental, you've come to the right place. How do we keep our Maui car rental rates so cheap? We keep our expenses low, so we can pass the savings along to you. Our overhead is low. We prefer to invest in our cars. Our cheap Maui rental cars are not brand new. We buy cheap used cars in need of repair and we whip them back into shape so they are safe, clean, reliable, legal, registered, and insured. We do not have a huge over-paid rentacar staff sitting around doing nothing and getting paid for it. Our cheap long-term Maui rental rates are better than any of the rates you get through the online discount car rentals. We do everything we can to earn our reputation for offering a better deal than any car rental company on Maui. We may or may not have the cheapest rental cars in Maui, but one thing we're sure of is we have the best Maui rental cars for the money. 

Vehicle Descriptions: All vehicles are automatic transmission, cold a/c, am/fm/cd-player, some with AUX/USB/Bluetooth input (for iPod). Many of our Maui car rental hatchbacks and SUVs come with hard roof racks suitable for surfboards/sailboards/SUP/kayak/canoe. No racks on 4-door sedans.


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