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Maui car rental Does this sound like you? "We don't care what the car looks like. We just want something to get from A to B. We've been to Maui before and we won't be driving much. We just need the car for trips to the store or a short drive to the beach. We won't be going anywhere. It doesn't have to be new. It doesn't have to be fancy. We don't care how old it is. Most of the time it'll sit in the parking lot in front of the condo. All we care is it doesn't break down."

These are the last remaining cars from our original fleet. We have a very limited number remaining. They're tough as nails. They've survived years of customer abuse. They're reliable - otherwise we would have pawned them off to some poor unsuspecting sucker. But they're not perfect. These cars have seen better days. We keep them around like old horses that we just can't bring ourselves to put down. For our favorite "cheapest of the cheap" creme de la creme customers: If budget is your top prioirity for your Maui trip, over performance, comfort, or appearance, then these might be for you.

Book'em, Danno! Request a quote.

Our complete line: (1) mini-SUV, (2) Premium, (3) Economy.

Maui beach car rental Maui beach car rental Maui beach car rental
Maui beach car rental Maui beach car rental Maui beach car rental

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